Book Review: Luminary

Book Title:  Luminary new Luminary book cover

Book Author: P.S. Meraux

Source: Gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


Before I get to the review…. Can I get like the other books in the series emailed to me by the author as well? 😉 Yes, beautiful readers, this is how good, book 1 is. ^_^

This was a great read. One of my top 10 reads for 2017 and I haven’t even read 10 books yet haha. Anyway, this book is about different groups of individuals – the Paragons, the Luminary, shape shifters, immortals, and humans. It’s predominately written from a Paragon’s point of view though the author did a terrific job of showing the events from other points of views as well. Was easy to follow and it made it more enjoyable and fun.

It’s hard to write this review because I feel like I’m jumping around the topics, I apologize.

So, what happens is that an evil plot killed off many soulmates so there were a lot of people who lost theirs. It’s the Paragon’s jobs to make sure that everyone gets a chance at real love and so Wicus, our main Paragon, wants to make sure that his favorite human gets a soulmate and a perfect one at that. We don’t know who’s behind the evil plot or really why but it does bring in intrigue into the story line.

This book has a variety of different characters…there are even talking candelabras… for those who saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie, you will like the candelabra in this book. 😉 Wicus is a great character and I felt connected to his emotions. Lately, it’s been a rarity for me to be able to connect with book characters so this was nice.

The book has a good ending and a preview into book 2. I would recommend it to older teens of 16 and older.

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