Book Review: The Ghoul Next Door: A Psychic Cozy Mystery (Larue Donavan Book 3)

Book Title: The Ghoul Next Door ghousl3

Book Author:  Rose Pressey

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Okay, so in place of Abe and Mae West, we get Elvis. It was hilarious reading the part where Larue sees Elvis for the first time. I was giggling!

Though with Elvis around, we also get a case where a TV crew is involved. That’s not all, it suddenly got dark…the story. Things are a little different in this one, we get bad spirits, case of an ex-girlfriend, and exorcism. This story is more action packed and more interesting… mainly due to so many things going on. ^_^

Good luck to Larue with everything!

This is a darker reading for anyone who likes to read about romance, ghosts, and mediums. I highly recommend. A good continuation to book 2 and it starts off right where book 2 ended. ^_^

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