Book Review: Delightfully Witchy (Witches of the Lazuli Birthrights Book 1)

Book Title:  Delightfully Witchy (Witches of the Lazuli Birthrights Book 1)abook1

Book Author: Acacia K. Parker

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Look at that gorgeous cover! Very beautiful and it’s crafted by the author!

This is a paranormal mystery/romance with a hint of trouble. There is a fantastic chemistry between Emmie and Lincoln which makes this a great read.

Good Points

  • It’s hard to put down
  • There’s a lot of character growth, more so for Emmie than Lincoln but that’s understandble
  • There’s a really cool bad guy…and he’s also handsome
  • This book is filled with beautiful men and cocky attitudes
  • One of my favorite characters is Lincoln’s aunt. She’s certainly a fun one
  • A perfect ending to the mystery and loved the descriptions. Could be a cool movie to watch

Bad Points

  • Typos! Kidding. Those were fixed.

It’s for 18+ readers. I recommend this book to those who like reading about witches, magic, and romance.

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