New #bookrelease – Gwenevere’s Knights – written by one of my new friends

19-152 Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin Gwenevere’s Knights

Arthur. Lancelot. Galahad. Percival. What if Gwenevere never had to choose? Experience the Legend like you’ve never seen it before . . .

I am Fionnabhair Allan, a warrior princess of Ulster, and I have only one hope of saving my father and sister from the rival clann holding them hostage. Steal a faerie sword from a king. But not just any king—Arthur Pendragon.

My plan was simple. Fight my way into Arthur’s inner circle and then use any means necessary to gain his trust. But I didn’t foresee how quickly my resolve would falter around this powerful yet gentle king and his three captivating knights—sensuous Galahad, brilliant Percival, and devastating Lancelot.

It should be a simple task: finish the job. But Arthur’s kingdom in Caerleon is dying under Morgan la Fay’s dark curse, and Merlin’s magic has foreseen that, somehow, I’m the key to breaking it. And my traitorous heart refuses to cooperate when Arthur and his knights are near. I fear soon I’ll be faced with an impossible choice—betray the king and three knights I’m falling for or choose my heart and doom my family to death.

Gwenevere’s Knights is a Celtic Arthurian Legend fantasy adventure reverse harem tale of betrayal and fated love. This boxed set contains the complete bestselling Knights of Caerleon series:

The Fifth Knight (Book One)
The Third Curse (Book Two)
The First Gwenevere (Book Three)

Scroll up and one-click to experience the Legend today . . .

This boxed set is suitable for readers aged 18+

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