Book Review: Remembrance

Book Title: Remembrance (A Mediator Novel) rem

Book Author: Meg Cabot

Source: Bought from Barnes and Noble

Rating: 5 Dragon paws 5-paws

Me Cabot did not disappoint!

I was in high school, when I first started reading “The Mediator Series” by Meg Cabot. During free period, I would visit the school’s library, find a good book to read and spend time reading. After reading the series during free period, I bought all of the books and since then have been re-read twice.
To tell you the truth, I was really afraid that Suze and Jesse would not be the same… because Miss Cabot haven’t written them in what feels like ages to me. However, Suze still curses, loves boots, and kicks ghost ___ (fill in the blank). Jesse is still old fashioned, in love with his quireda, and wants to murder Paul. I did think that there would be more of Gina, so on that note, more of Gina would have been better.
I really like that finally Suze and Jesse can be together. That it is about finally feeling alive for Jesse and know that everything is as should be.
The twists and turns in this novel, kept me flipping through the pages and wanting to know if there will be something new at the next corner. I feel sad for Dopey because well, if you read the book, you will know what I am talking about. It was nice to read about the grown-up Doc and was a surprise to see his umm interests. Also was nice to see that pets are alive and well. I almost forgot to mention Father Dominic. Boy, was I biting my nails and hoping that the old man would survive what happened to him. I’m so happy that Miss Cabot chose to save him. Well done!
If you haven’t read “The Mediator Series,” I recommend for you to go online or to your local bookstore, buy all the books and start reading. From my perspective, these series is what ghost stories should be about- Mediators and sexy accented young men.

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